Abraham Rainwater

Male 1808 - Yes, date unknown


The Family Bible of William & Patsy Hodge Rainwater

This Bible belonged to William Rainwater (ca 1774 Surry Co., NC - 1825 Pulaski Co., KY) and his wife, Martha "Patsy" Hodge (ca. 1781 North Carolina - bet. 1850-1860 Pulaski Co., KY). The transcription was made from photocopies given us by Frances Aderholt Smith. We have been unable to determine who, if anyone, presently owns this Bible.

Lydda Rainwaters daughter of William Rainwaters and Patty his wife was borned May the 8" 1802
Bartholomew Rainwater son of ditto was borned the 20" of January 1804
James Rainwater son of ditto was borned the 8" of February 1806
Abraham Rainwater son of ditto was borned the 3" of April 1808
John R. Rainwater and Nancy Rainwater son and daughter of ditto was borned March the 5" 1810
William Howard Rainwater son of ditto was borned June the 17" 1813
Susannah Rainwater daughter [page damaged] borned September the 28" 1815
Miles Rainwater son of ditto [page damaged] May the 15 day 1818
Elizabeth Rainwater [page damaged] was born October the [page damaged]
Patsy Rainwater daughter and son of ditto was born March 15th 1823


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